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A Handbook and Service Directory for Seperated Families

This booklet outlines the services that make up the family law system. Contact details for the main services are ordered by location are provided. Please take a moment to read about the services available and consider which may be of benefit to you and your family

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Child Focused Dreaming

When Dad arrives at Grandma’s house to drop the kids off, it’s clear things between him and Mum are strained. Grandma is concerned about the parent’s making good decisions so soon after separating. So before they head off to the Family Relationship Centre for a meeting, Grandma sits them down to tell them the story of Thunkar and Wudloo, two baby stars in the night sky. Wudloo and Thunkar’s mum and dad start to fight leaving the baby stars to fade. Mother Earth is not happy to find the little stars like this, so she pulls the grown up stars aside and reminds them that parents must put their kids first. She sends them to visit the Yellow Sun, who tells them “If you shine strong, if you shine bright, those kids will shine too and they’ll be alright…”

This education DVD has been created to assist separated and separating parents to make decisions which are always child-focused.

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Healing Camps

Healing camps can vary from the different types of age groups who attended, Clients’ are taken out bush in the Flinders Ranges South Australia. The camps are usually over 3 days, looking at country and sacred sites and how they fit in with Aboriginal Cultural learning. This creates adaptive learning methods for those who struggle with education on a daily basis. Also on the camp are elders ( role models) who assist in presenting to younger youth about life and the effects of an ever changing colonization adaptive living. Mental Health is also presented, usually at in the evenings where around the table people get to share their thoughts and methods of coping in society. The camp also looks at bush tucker, hunting and cultural cooking for those that are game! Many times when people complete the camp, they usually ask "When is the next one"!

For more information contact Kingsley:

6 Gibson Street
Port Augusta SA 5700

Phone Number
(08) 8641 2379


“Yudum” is the story of a young man who heads north in search of a girl, but who discovers much more than he ever expected. Written by Aaron Stuart, produced by Aaron Stuart and Terry Cleary and directed by Nicholas Cleary, the film is based on the stories of Aaron as an Arabanna/Luritja/Adnyamathanha man. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. Filmed around the remote community of Oodnadatta in South Australia, elders from that community feature in the film.

Orders for the DVD may be placed by contacting (08) 86 442020.

Cost: DVD - $20.00, Book - $15.00 or the package of both the Book and the DVD - $33.00 inclusive of GST plus postage.

IMDB: www.imdb.com/title/tt2082516


Health Services Finder

Find local health services via the Health Services Finder. The Health Services Finder provides comprehensive information about health and community services from the private, public and community sectors in South Australia.

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