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Reunification is part of the Stronger Families Safer Children program which aims to support families who have contact with the child protection system (Families SA).

The Reunification program provides a high level of support for families who have had their children removed from their care and are at the stage where guardianship of their children may again return to them. This support is based on a therapeutic assessment of the family’s current situation.

The Reunification program aims to help families who have had their children removed to create a settled, stable and safe family environment that is conducive to developing positive, safe and secure relationships with their children. In turn it is hoped that this will help children to achieve their potential.

All families are referred to the program through Families SA.

Therapists can support families by:

  • Establishing priorities, setting and maintaining goals with the family
  • Help parents to develop a more positive view on their ability to parent
  • Help parents to develop skills to manage their emotions when under pressure
  • Looking into hygiene, health and nutrition of children
  • Helping parents to manage their child’s difficult behaviour
  • Managing substance problems
  • Extending social supports
  • Teaching practical life skills, including budgeting, nutrition, health care and obtaining housing
  • Improving relationships
  • Connection to different community parenting groups

Please contact your local Centacare Catholic Country SA office for further information.

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